Friday, 17 March 2017

End of my visit to Ct and return home

 Between Abby and Reagan I was rather spoilt with their energy balls and brownie in a cup just to make sure I wasn't hungry or lacking a treat. They thoroughly enjoyed my chocolate treats from the UK. They are all great fans of Cadbury especially flakes.

I was fortunate to get home before the snow storm due that. Ishtar although my cousins were hoping I would have to stay the rest of the week. Generally I would be happy with that but my conservation work with the National Trust starts this week and I am excited about that. In fact got some reading to do on that.

I got lots of crochet done during my stay but as you can see auntie Margaret got hooked on hexagons and had almost a baby quilt completed. A few others as well as Jen have showed an interest too such as Patti and Jane. 

Busy flight home as Boston airport had already closed and travellers needing new flights were opting for Hartford. Again. My flight was pleasant where I read,crocheted and napped between food.

It was confusing in Dublin though as it wasn't clear which bus area I should be at and was given three different lots of info but got there eventually and reached Belfast without a hitch. smudge pleased to see me but not any more than as if I was just in from work. 


She was pleased with her new monkey but not as delighted with her new toy box which really tidies up the amount of toys she has. She has to dig deeper now to find what she wants.
I got to see the demolished mail box and J finished putting the new one in place. I cleaned the house,cooked dinner and then a quiet night trying out our new game of QUIRKLE


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