Thursday, 9 March 2017

Out and about in Ct

  Margaret do delighted with her book can't wait to get started in some drawing but now she us getting addicted to hexagons as well.

Waiting in the dental surgery reception for Owen to gave his tooth extractions I joined another lady waiting fir her husband. We crocheted together and she was doing a call the midwife blanket as I did my v-stitch. Some shopping as very low and clothes. I hate shopping but aunt Margaret was my personal shopper.

I did get a few things for someone special......

Yes for Smudge herself.

A little walk with Scout and Copper. South needs to be on a lead now as he us blind. Gertie the duck has a sore foot but playing up instead of taking her meds. Really mild day today in Ellington but gives snow for Friday.
Willington for pizza as good as always..


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