Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tolland- my second home

 I wake up this morning in New England and don't miss the noise of building behind my house and Virgin media drilling at the front. 

I didn't even hear my woodpecker this morning which is my usual wake up call here. So idyllic and I feel so thankful. A lovely welcome as always when I arrived yesterday and even more so as customs and border control was completed in Dublin so I just grabbed my case and met aunts Margaret and Donna for my short drive to Tolland. Soup at Vernons pizza with uncle Al, Karyn and Bruce.

 I still can't believe they drove 7 1/2 hrs to Canada for a weekend of ski ing. We would only do thus for at least two weeks holiday but again I am thankful for all the leave we get from work compared to our family here in the states. However unless they build a bridge from USA to Ireland I may never get Karyn to visit us.

Lunch with Karyn and errands to run, precious time

Only six months ago J and I stood in the site for the new store and all I could  say was wow!



 Oops we forgot the hard hats!


Now it's usually the kids I got to watch playing ball games. Congratulations though they one so back another night.

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