Friday, 7 April 2017

Coffee and Craft- sharing skills

 Many traditional craft skills have fizzled out over the years but every now and then there is a little revival. I gain so much satisfaction from creating. I recently met with some friends and ladies from Lambeg craft club and we worked on. Some designs from one of Jennie Rayments books.

Such concentration as everyone focussed to a point then we all did our own little twiddling with the fabric. You very soon realise that although you may start with the same design in mind it's amazing how many variations there are by the end. I have always enjoyed working with fabric although creativity doesn't stop there for me and many if my friends.
When only a few ladies get together despite the chatter, coffee and cake it's amazing what can be produced and not just materially but the sense of webeing that comes from creating. If we think back to creation and how pleased God was with it.
These little chocolate muffins went down a treat with delicious chocolate cream cheese frosting 

Considering repeating these yummy cinnamon rolls for my next group of ladies.

I am ever so grateful for the kind donations that come in for our monthly raffle raising between £20-£100 per month in aid if Kiwoko hospital in Uganda. This months throw will be ideal to snuggle up with on the sofa.

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