Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Look closely- Mountstewart and more

It wasn't till I started Julie Douglas' art class that I realised how little we really look at the things around us.http://juliedouglasdrawingpaintinglearning.blogspot.co.uk/  There are many things that deter us from looking and the main factor for me is time. I tend to want to see everything quickly and know I need to slow down to really appreciate what is around me.
 On a recent visit to Mountstewart I discovered things in the garden I had never noticed before and yet the time and skill involved in the creation of these stone sculptures were very detailed for that day. The hours involved in this work and yet I have barely gave it a glance before.
  What else have I been missing out on as I rush through life.

Now that I am up a lot earlier in the morning there are other things I see that the hustle and bustle of the latter part of the day scares away.

 Maybe some day soon I will take the time to sit and sketch some of these sculptures. I did get back to art last week for some water colours and was surprised how quickly I got back into sketching and painting but then maybe you would be the better judge of that if you can recognise my work

I did get back into my cross stitch this week that I purchased approx 17 years ago.
  Although I need to finish this x stitch I would like to reproduce older designs and convert some pictures to needlepoint.

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