Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ballycastle Eire- Downpatrick Head

 So many town names are replicated in north and south of Ireland so I am sure this can be quite confusing to tourists. The lady in the small tourist office in Ballycastle was so helpful and only for her we may not have made the trip out to Downpatrick Head which was well worth the visit and highlight of the day.
 Dog's actually are not allowed here but since we had Smudges sling for when her leg gets sore or tired it met our needs perfectly as J could carry her safely

 There are many myths about this area.
The ground reminded me of the GIANTS CAUSEWAY up North but instead of stone it was a mossy flowering plant.
 I was interested in this site also but no point in taking a photograph as would need to be an aerial view to read it. There is a good photograph in this site.


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