Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mountstewart- living and breathing it

 No I haven't moved in although it may seem that way! I reflect back to an early meeting where our head of house Neil Watt stated that when we start working here we will not want to leave. I am certainly finding that statement to be quite true in just a few months. I think I have been caught under the spell of this enchanted place that Lady Edith Londonderry described. As much as I enjoy my work indoors I love the outdoors, time to wander with my husband and best friend Smudge.

For me this is relaxation and although I am not educated in gardening I love to see the changes throughout the seasons. Patterson's hill is opened again now the herons have finished doing their thing so this has extended our walk a little on top of the new extension to the blue trail.

Looking toward the lough we are not the only ones enjoying the sunshine. I am looking forward to seeing these trails increase and mature as the years go by. We walk by the old pig stys and wonder will they ever see pigs again or will flamingoes make a return to Mountstewart!

I never noticed the white bells amongst the blue bells before but I guess I was just overwhelmed by the blue which blinded me to the fact they were always there. This little marshy area has dried up a bit with the recent sunshine. 

Due to being extremely spoilt Smudge is quite a poser and demanding of our attention so she can be quite huffy when someone else tries to take the limelight from her.
 This includes other dogs, cows or whoever or whatever is around at the time.



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