Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mountstewart- living and breathing it. part 2

 Another sunny day so it's got to be Mountstewart after all we can take no chances with the weather in Northern Ireland. Make the most of it when it's here. As it turned out we had two fantastic days in a row. The first day it was just Smudge and I. We took a walk around the lake and settled in the sunshine above the rocky outcrop which once bordered the Lough. I sat with my crochet and she kept guard, people and bird watching.
 I hadn't realised the swan eggs had hatched as it sat quite firmly in the nest then with a shuffle to one side I saw the little cygnets. Too far for me to see clearly to count how many and they were pushed out of sight rather hurriedly.

I could see why as two large birds possibly crows came close to the nest trying their best to get the little ones. The swan threw out its neck and I imagine was hissing frantically. Much to my disgust the other parent was at a distance and made no move to help out with the young ones.

   I think I became quite tense watching what was happening but also realising it was important to let nature take its course. I sensed Smudge knew there was something up too.


Fortunately on this occasion the crows did not get their way and the cygnets survived but they persisted on and off for about 30 minutes. I was on tenderhooks. I will add a video when I get a chance.

 Day two I brought a friend along to enjoy the sunshine and we crocheted together, Smudge content in her now familiar spot.

I also did some patchwork but had to dry my hexagons out first as my water had spilt in my bag.


 We lost a close friend a number of years back and it was her anniversary so a perfect place to reminisce.

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