Monday, 8 May 2017

Spring time crafting

 There has been a lot going on the last few weeks, so much so I can barely sleep as I keep coming up with more creative ideas. My coffee and craft ladies as well as my Patchwork newbies have been very productive. The hexies to the left are hand sewn to add to the  Northern Ireland Big Sock. by one of the coffee and craft ladies. This is one small sample of many theta have been donating and I am still sewing some together myself. I keep a bag of hexagons in the car just in case I should have a spare minute anywhere. I do hate to waste time as life is short!

Yes this crocheted item looks quite bizarre but it was something I made up as I went along and was fun having the ladies guess as I sent photos as it grew in size. It's a little indoor outfit for Smudge for the cooler days when we aren't at home for a few hours and no heat on.

Crocheted using the new Caron cake, cherry chip, purchase from LuLu's stash. Any of you who know me well know I hate to shop but so much available online. Smudge loves to dress up by quite aware other dogs may not in which case it would be cruel to try.

The Patchwork ladies have just finished their third week having completed six blocks and learned about colour theory and other hints and tips on putting together a quilt.
 The hexagon  quilt below is all handsewn by one of the ladies and her daughter as a de stressed around school exam time. What an excellent idea that more people should take up.   
 It's also nice to have a cuppa and raise a few pennies for charity in he process

I finished the call the midwife blanket in pink and cream stylecraft DK also from Lulu's stash. This brings me down to two crochet projects waiting to be finished.
   Below is a finished cot quilt I started with my aunt when I was with her in USA. She didn't take too long to finish it and again it's handsewn.

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