Tuesday, 30 May 2017

What makes you happy?

One thing we are not guaranteed in this world is happiness but there are certainly those things that give us a little boost of happiness. I was speaking with a work colleague this week and she agreed with me that Mountstewart gives you that little bit of Peace and serenity when you need it most. It's because if this I find it top of my list this week.
 I would imagine Mountstewart is in my top five most weeks, not many people can say that a bout a place of work.What normally comes top is my best friend, who is always there for me even though she can be a bit of a madam at times. Yes you guessed..Smudge.

.coming in at third this week is something we have had plenty of in both Eire and N.ireland. Sunshine with the beach a close fourth.

Nature especially my favourite flowers cream roses also make me smile.

So what gives you a little happiness?

"Now that I know Christ, I'm happier when I'm sad than I was before when I was glad" John C.Wheeler

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