Friday, 23 June 2017

The French Riviera-Nice

 When planning this holiday I didn't research more than the transport and hotel as I wanted to explore more when I arrived and that we certainly have. We did as we usually do walk to the left first no have a look around whilst taking in bus stops and places of interest to help us map where we are.

 Hotel Villa Rivoli actually came out higher than my expectations. The staff were so lovely going out of their way to help at any opportunity. Our room was so quaint as you can see and of course I was drawn to the quilted throw. I also loved the toile fabric that covered the walls. The most important parts though were how the windows had the noise out and how the bed could not have been more comfortable. We also had control of the air conditioning which was great for our own comfort.
I love the French food but with a hubby like mine you need a menu with what he would call more recognisable food and here in Nice there is everything...and then the cocktails
 We are not too keen on sunbathing but even to paddle in the water and most of the nearby beaches you would need your wellies. If you look carefully you might find a gritty beach otherwise it's stones and boulders.


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