Sunday, 25 June 2017

Monte-Carlo and Monaco

 The wealth here was certainly not hidden from the huge glamorous buildings to designer shops and cars. Interestingly though all of which I really didn't have any interest. For those who can afford it all doesn't seem to bring hem happiness.

The only real thing that comes to mind for me is Princess Grace who had a very tragic end and seemed a well loved princess.

J was able to quote various movies that had been at least partly filmed here but I had no clue which would be no surprise to those who know me.

The boats were fairly impressive too but then again I had no interest as I am so seasick
Now this person I did recognise...George Best only because I did meet him years ago with my dad.

I think this car was around€250 000 but that was because it was second hand. You could get picnic sets to match some of the cars for €28 000. 

The hair pin bend as part of the Grand Prix.
Back to Nice for dinner, although expensive not compared to here.
A stroll along the promenade back to our hotel. I love this Art Deco 

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