Friday, 23 June 2017

More of Nice

 Directions are not great especially regarding the public transport. There are plenty of trains and buses but finding them can be a problem.if you are travelling within Nice on promenade des Anglais to the airport it's easy but anywhere else you need to walk or take the tram. Anywhere in a bus is €1.50 but trains can be more expensive. However we got a few free trips were ticket machines were broken at the station or not available and a conductor was nowhere in sight.


You get off the tram at Vauban and you have to find your way around a car park and under a bridge to find a bus. The trams are also €1.5 per trip.
Temperature at the moment is in the high 20's and it's quite humid. It's very pleasant in the evening especially with some of the buskers classical music pieces.

The old town is the quaintest but at night it can be very noisy with modern artists making a racket in my opinion.


There are so many museums that we haven't even went near as this is hubbys holiday and not his thing. Lots of time to sit and people watch and read my copy of Society's Queen when I drift back to early 1900's and Lady Edith's views on the suffragette movement or her husbands extra marital affairs.

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