Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild meet with the Irish Patchwork Society for "Aurora"

 I start with a close up of my favourite piece which to me represents art in stitch as much as quilting. The form of the dancer is perfect as far as I can see especially the skin tones. I can not begin to imagine the hours of work gone into this never mind the planning.

This is a "hands Across the Border exhibition put together by two oups and was first on display in Eire and will return for a further exhibition at the knitting and stitching show later in the year. This present display ends Saturday at the Island Arts centre in Lisburn.

This piece was made by Ethelda Ellis and called "Princess Aurora"

I am doing my best to read the names and titles from photograph so apologies if I get it wrong as they are a little hazy when enlarged.

It wasn't just the variety of colour and ideas of inspiration from the title but the variety of techniques used in each quilted piece. 
I am fairly new to the idea of design having just completed my first city and Guilds in design and Patchwork level 2. It's all so exciting to see what other people reproduce bringing together many techniques not just from quilting but paint, embroidery (hand and machine) and adding in materials I would not have considered before.

"Aurora Flow" by Mary Nolan Murphy
"Falling" by T McElwee
"The Dawn of Time" by AnneJames. A few quilts had some felting included which enhanced the texture and I think gives it an Irish feel.
"catching the Light" by Gillian Barr. I love the inclusion of acantha.
"Aurora"  By Janet Kirkwood. I saw this in its early stages and amazed by its development. Janet always inspires me as to what she can make from nothing.

"Under an Arctic Sky" by Mary Maguire.
More to follow......

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