Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Eze sur la mer, Beaulieu and St Jean Cap Ferrat

Having thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Eze we thought we would go back and spend some more time there. Although we had a stroll through the village where we chatted to this wonderful pastel artist we went for the hike down to the sea.

It is recommended to wear walking shoes but I couldn't bear my feet in the heat so I managed remarkably well in my flip flops (leather toe posts).

The view going down was amazing. It took us just over an hour as it was almost 30 degrees.

We crossed the railway line to a small stony bridge where we sat in the pier and dangled our legs in the water. We watched the waves flush in and out bringing with them small crabs.

From Eze Sur La Mer we took the train to Beaulieu which was another beautiful village along the coast. We walked from here along the coast to St Jean cap Ferrat. We got a map from the tourist office in Beaulieu and decided on taking an hour trek round the smallest part past some gorgeous homes worth millions. One had a sculpture of a giant turtle in its grounds with a man on its back. I reckon the sculpture was wide as my house.

Outside this villa a young French couple sat. He was wearing a beret and she was breast feeding her baby. We passed the time of day and I asked "Votre la Maison?" which certainly caused a smile. The photograph doesn't do it justice. It was on the edge of the cliff.

There were many homes like this. There were also a few very large yachts anchored nearby and at one point a guy raced up and stopped in front of us. He then pulled out a very large camera and took a photograph i he direction of one of the yachts. Must have been paparazzi. After the trek we caught the bus back to Nice enjoying the view on the way.

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