Thursday, 24 August 2017

Day four-Belfast city Hall

I recently saw an ad on Facebook stating how much there was to see at Belfast City hall and all for free and I immediately thought what a great place to take the kids.

I  had visited before briefly but just as part of my art group to do some sketching in the rotunda and lunch in the cafe. This tour was very informative and the lady who gave the tour spoke very clearly despite the large group. Interesting to hear how tha large chandeliers lower to the ground for cleaning by remote control and how the windows were removed at the beginning of the war huh saved them from the bombings that damaged a large part of the building.
I particularly liked these greenish pillars from Greece and the interesting painting showing off many aspects of Belfast geography and industry

We all had the opportunity to sit in the mayors seat

Of course my attention was drawn to the embroidery

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