Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Day two- girls sewing, boys gardening

So keen to get going this morning as you can see. Amazing how quickly the girls took to the sewing machine especially since it's a year since they used it.

Miss A using some interfacing to stiffen her bag strap and L and P using heat and bond...all went well no sticky irons

Miss A's bag is taking shape, a little more cutting with the rotary blade today to shape the bag lining. The main bag is shPed by pulling up the corners with a Button.

Both of the younger girls getting a little fed up with pinning and tacking but a while before they can omit these stages.

Using the quarter inch foot has helped with their seams immensely.

A little time out this afternoon to get some fresh air and exercise at Killynether Wood and Scrabo Tower.

It worked a treat with tiring Daisy and Smudge out.

More  sewing before tea

Miss A  got her strap finished and the lining pinned into her bag.

The girls had their own style of how to arrange their patches and are ready to embellish the front of their cushions tomorrow. Not sure how they will find the hand embroidery

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