Monday, 21 August 2017

It's that time of year- the kids are back

They are growing up so fast, it seems no time since they were in nappys then the mattress protectors, getting them all dressed trying not to mix up the pyjama tops with the regular tops and now they re independent!!

Miss P and Miss L now have a twin room rather than double which is my craft room the rest of the year. Miss A has her own room which gets used as a study rest of the year and Mr W has his own room which is usually the extra tv room.

Smudge doesn't know what has hit her as Minnie just left on Wednesday and now Daisy is here.

As the years have moved on so have their interests and capabilities. 

Always a visit to the library but now the focus is on teen fiction and particular authors. Miss L now being a keen writer herself. Miss A has progressed through various stages of sewing over the yrs whereas Miss P and Miss L just started on the sewing machine last year.

This year they are making personalised cushions similar to what Miss A made four years ago and this year she is making a fashion crossover bag.

Pinning and tacking can be tedious but essential for the beginner to ensure accuracy. Miss A is using the rotary cutter for the first time this year under close supervision as we don't want any AE visits in our schedule.

Miss P and Miss L do some free drawing on heat bond for their names.

Plenty of time for leisure and the wii is still popular. However nice to see board games still in use and thanks to our American cousins for the introduction to Quirkle.

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