Friday, 25 August 2017

Last day with the kids

Although Ballycopeland Windmill is so close to my home the kids couldn't remember visiting before so off we went in the dreary weather. The video presentation at the beginning is very good and it was lovely to see the renovated Windmill

The interactive activities could do with being refreshed and some were broken. I also didn't notice anywhere you could leave a donation for the upkeep.

In the afternoon after 3 of the kids had gone home Miss L and I visited Mountstewart and I gave her an individual tour and introduced her to other friends who worked there.

She was genuinely interested in Lady Edith her interest in mythology and writing but then who wouldn't be she was certainly one of a kind. She was disappointed not to see the Winnie the Pooh book but pleased to see the magic inkpot.
Although it was a miserable day we managed to check out the formal gardens without getting wet between showers and we finished off with a cuppa in the tea room.

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