Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What goes on at No.55

Well as I only work part time I have got heaps of spare time. I have recently been on the embroidery team for the game of thrones tapestry which is voluntary through National Museums Ireland. I also volunteer for Mountstewart National Trust property. I guess it's all these other things that keep me sane as a nurse. However there is still free time for some coffee and craft.

I will make room for more craft shortly as most of the time has been spent with my new Patchwork class. Four ladies who could use a sewing machine but not  really familiar with quilt design and piecing. 

They have done an amazing job learning new blocks, hand embroidery, appliqué and so it goes on. I was so delighted when they agreed to doing a quilt for an orphanage through Alice Caroline

The quilt is ready to quilt and bind and we will have no difficulty meeting the timeline

Then there is precept Bible study. Our summer study will finish next week and we look forward to studying Jonah in September

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