Thursday, 28 September 2017

Crafting whether it be crochet, Patchwork, sewing, papercraft, knitting.....its all good for your health so why not join us at no.55


Well it has been an exciting 7 months with one month to go for the ladies who took my Patchwork class.They started off with simple blocks moving onto more complex cutting and piecing and ending with quilting methods. They have came a long way in a short period of time. They also learned a lot about colour and design and how to learn from your mistakes!

My next focus will be embroidery starting on the 28th October with chicken scratch embroidery where we will show off a simple design which can be framed and given as a gift, perfect coming up to Christmas. Details at the side of the blogroviding you are using web version.

I have been trying to finish an oil painting after all my aim this year is to finish projects. I finished this little crochet cardigan in sock yarn and then the little car seat quilt.

Using my cut em boss and an acuquilt doggy I had a lovely little puppy to play with which the patchwork ladies also got to play with. Now talking about mistakes or carelessness to be fair this little quilt had a journey. Whilst I was shaking a can of replaceable glue for another project my doggies got a little splashed and nothing would take out the tiny stains so I embellished with some embroidery stitches!!

I had tried spirit, nail varnish remover and two washes with vanish so be careful when using a spray in your craft room.

There are some days when you just need to do seeing simple, non taxing so what better than a little dragon.
And of course my companion by my side as I work in some black work.

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