Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mountstewart-day out for the volunteers part 2

All that walking around the garden had us hungry again so into the Londonderry arms in Carnlough fir afternoon tea.

We were treated to a little talk by the usher in the connection between the Londonderry Arms and Mountstewart. Did you know it was built in 1848 as a coaching inn for Frances Anne Vane Tempest, Marchioness of Londonderry. She was married to the third Marquis of Londonderry. When she died all was passed to her grandson and from him to His second cousin Einston Churchill.

The Londonderry arms as well as serving a lovely afternoon tea have various photographs relating to Frances Anne and Sir Winston Churchill.

I didn't notice is at first it was another volunteer that pointed it out to me but do you see anything strange about the copy of the painting of Frances Anne on this wall mount. If not then it's time you paid a visit to the drawing room of Mountstewart to see what I mean.
We had a wander around carnloug between showers before getting back in the coach to visit Garron Tower


I remember coming across Garron Tower some years ago and it was a private boarding school which it still is now. We couldn't go into the building but it was nice to see the outside. The building itself has been extended with many more school buildings but we focused in the original.

Quite impressive for a holiday home to help aid employment for the locals in the erection of it.

I was particularly interested in the pet grave. Check out Lord Belmont's blog

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