Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sew...Why sew part 2

My grand fathers two aunts Nellie and Cissie also worked for Spence Bryson as winders. (Photo above)His two great aunts Doris and May emigrated to USA and they worked in Cheney s mills in Manchester, Ct with many other immigrants.

My grandfather's brother Billy (1912-1967) emigrated to USA at the age of 16. He was a sign writer so you can see a streak of creativity from him to my uncle in their artistic abilities. He designed items for Pratt and Whitney aircraft and remained in USA for the rest of his life. Two of his daughters Donna Dobieski (nee AUSTIN) and Margaret Krause (nee AUSTIN) both paint and I would consider excellent artists.

My father (1939-2003) was an electrician and from the age of 16 until it closed he was the electrician for the Ulster Laces Ltd. They produced lace in the early days and then moved with the times into embroidery and clothing. I know he had many happy years working for the Shinock and Bloch families. 


My mother met my father there as she was then working there also. She cut out embroidered panels for ladies underwear and continued there until I was born in 1968. Both sides of my family have been involved in the textile industry in some way or another but this wasn't through choice but as a means to survive. 

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