Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sew...Why sew part 7

Starting season 7 was a whole different story. In one respect there was a lot less pressure as we only had short pieces under 2m to embroider each week. Two maximum to work on this otherwise we would have been sitting on top of each other. The programme aired then the episode was designed and woven before coming to us to be embroidered in the Ulster museum Saturday and Sunday. However we underestimated the interest by the public who wanted to know every detail so we certainly didn't get lonely in the gallery as we met and spoke to Game of Throne fans across the world.

I took many photographs of my work but realistically can only show a few here or I would be blogging forever. A few weeks into season 7 I was unsure of one of the briefings and had actually embroidered one hairdo ncorrectly as I was not familiar with the characters, thanks to an avid fan I was able to correct my mistake. After that I had my husband record the episodes so I could watch them and check out the hairdoes!

I generally prefer to sew than watch television of any type but that's nt to say I won't ever watch it. This particular
scene below seemed to cause a lot of attention in the museum as apparently it portrays a famous actor or was it a singer. Therefore I felt it warranted two photos one midway and one completed. I am not really up on famous people either as you can see.
There was lots of fire and blood to be embroidered but I think the dragon and some particular hairdos are my favourite such as the lady who rode the dragon. From what I could see she had a few different arrangements that if the piece was large enough I got to show off. I used silver trimmit in chain stitch for her hair and white embroidery floss in stem, satin or just little short stitches were it suited to give the impression of how it curled.

The frame that was built especially for the tapestry was perfect and we were all delighted to see it in place before the museum opened to the public but it was even better to be sitting sewing on site as it weaved around us. I have to finish with my favourite piece and if you want to know more check out the Game of Thrones Tapestry or visit the Ulster Museum

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