Sunday, 24 September 2017

So much happening at Mountstewart- volunteering and visiting

I hadn't been to the farm yard before and was amazed by its size. Despite the fact it was wet and windy it was good to meet up with other volunteers to explore the outside for a change and see what plans there are for the future.

George Angus gave us a very clear picture of the running of the farm in the early years and his management now for the National Trust.

The future is exciting!!

We were all impressed by the slate roofs quarried not too far away. Recent repairs indoors to keep the weather out
Barley, wheat and beans still grown for feed. 

The remains of the old stud farm fencing  of Lady Mairi Bury's day (a birthday present from her dad)and the area where she landed her plane.

Saturday was a much better day to visit the garden and see what else was going on. The colours were still vibrant despite Autumn beginning.
sea court printers
 were on site and it was lovely to see them at work. They made some beautiful pieces of art out of the floor tiles than were removed from central hall.

I was fascinated in the work involved in making the plate used to print this picture of the Mairi garden. I can't begin to imagine the time it takes to get it just right.

It was also good to see screen printing in process something I am completely unfamiliar with and may want to play with in the future with textiles.


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