Monday, 16 October 2017

Conversations- Mountstewart

It is October and it's Northern Ireland but on the whole I felt the weather was good. It wasn't particularly cold and just a drizzle of rain.

I was one of the volunteers for the afternoon so as soon as I signed in I got myself some lunch and took a walk around the lake before starting my role looking after our celebrity visitors.

I made a few pumpkin muffins for staff and volunteers as I felt they needed a little treat for all their hard work.
Jenny I noted doing a little quality assessment of the musicians.
Anyone who knows me can tell you that I wouldn't know a "famous person" even after they may have introduced themselves. However I did know Kate Adie from watching the news with my father years ago when she was a war correspondent. It was lovely to chat with her in person and discover we have a few interests in common.

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