Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild with Anne Brook

Despite all my years involved in embroidery I had not been aware there was a guild until I met some of the lovely ladies whilst working on the game of thrones embroidery. I decided to join in September and my first workshop was in October which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Anne spoke to us in the morning about her life and how she has got to where she is now. I could identify with a lot of what she was saying being in a similar age group. Our education system did its best to steer us away from arts and crafts I believe and if that didn't some parents helped. Although my school dismissed any interest I had fortunately my parents didn't so it smouldered away in the background.

Anne showed off many of her items which involve recycled materials and items she made through her distance learning city and Guilds something else we had in common.

On first glance her work all looks like it's fabric but in closer inspection she sews a lot on various forms of paper.

  In the afternoon we had a chance to play. I really enjoyed this workshop as although I enjoy all workshops it's nice to have a certain amount of freedom in design and not just copying exactly what the tutor has done. It's much better to have something you have done yourself and that way you develop better in your creativity.
We made little work books which I decided mine would be a Christmas theme almost a journal of preparation for Xmas 2017 on one side and the other would do 2018. Anne used various paints and dyes, stencils and punches. I had been at a loss to what to bring to the workshop because I could have brought my whole work room. It was also amazing what she managed to bring in the plane in one bag, a bit of a Mary Poppins stunt.


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