Saturday, 25 August 2018

Textiles over the summer- photographs speak for themselves

I am studying away with the school of stitched textiles and keeping my own classes going, designing and nursing by night. It’s a great life but would it be without stitch!

Sligo and Fermanagh

Smudge had a great holiday and met some new friends.

We couldn’t drive past two National Trust properties and it had been so long since I had been to Florence court and Castle Cooke I just had to visit both

Sligo- a great doggy holiday, cottage life

all ready for her holidays

We had absolutely no idea we would be heading to the hottest place in Ireland and actually hotter than most European countries hitting a high of 32 degrees were we were. Smudge didn’t know what had hit her and we had to constantly monitor the heat for her never mind us.

She was so excited but also very well behaved in the drive down. Constantly needing to cool down.

Lots of stops in the way, not sure who needed them most.

We didn’t do too much travelling this week as so much to see with our cottage being in the centre.

Great places to eat that were dog friendly. Lisa dell house where one of my ancestors a friend of Constance stayed many years ago