Friday, 19 January 2018

Traditions in Sri Lanka

We left Kandy to travel to the highest elevation on the island to stay in what the locals call “ Little England”. Passing water buffalo, paddi fields and onto the tea plantations.

We stopped at the world war 2 cemetery which was extremely well kept and a number of British and Irish names apparent.
We stopped at a wood carving centre in a hotel were we also came across two weddings with very elaborate outfits on guests as well as bridal party.


There were a lot of furniture pieces made from recycled wood left after a sunami.

Temple ceremony in Kandy

The temple is the home of the tooth relic found in cremation ashes of Buddha. A princess brought it from India 800yrs ago for fear of it being crushed. It has been transferred each time the capital changes. It has been in Kandy since 1940. It is only possible to view it once every five years. Wednesday is the day of the ceremony where they offer rice and locals bring flowers and worship.

There were various monuments in the gardens approaching the temple. One was of a young boy, the se one son of the president whom the King decided to execute. The president hid but his wife was beat to death and the sons executed. The oldest son was in fear and the second son offered his life first and was beheaded. The king was then imprisoned for 17 years 7ntil he died and Sri Lanka became a British colony


Botanical Garden Kandy

Tuesday, 16 January 2018



Now in Kandy for a few nights staying at another cinnamon hotel. Very interesting visit to a spice plantation this afternoon


We visited these caves and it was amazing how the paint8ngs have lasted. I have had enough of buddhas but loved the intricate designs as well as metal work.

Monday, 15 January 2018


A visit to the museum and then the outdoor temples and buddhas


The climb for this morning includes 1202 steps. Great to have some exercise after all the eating.

Standing on the last two steps were the palace was


We visited a number of Buddhist places today. Monkeys everywhere as well, not going too close though.

4th Century monastery ruins up to 15000 monks may have been living here plus families. There was a Buddha here that was destroyed by treasure seekers and treasures stolen

Swimming pools known as twin ponds built for Royal family.