Friday, 26 January 2018

Farewell Sri Lanka

An amazing holiday I highly recommend .the Sinhalese folk were so welcoming. A big thank you to the staff at Titan travel, our driver Samantha and guide Susil.

A little flower greeted us every morning. Every morning now I get licked fervently by my baby

Thoroughly enjoying my Ceylon tea . Back to craft and soon work
V stitch using stylecraft batik

Sri Lanka - fort

The fort at Galle was initially built by the Portuguese with a boo then made more secure by the adutch using materials such as coral that withstood the tsunami

Some remains from the tsunami

Lighthouse built by the British

Tsunami- Sri Lanka

It was extremely sad to see what was left from the tsunami after all these years. Our guide explained that everyone had been recompensed with new homes and boats and much of this was from independent people and groups from UK not the governments. He told us the houses left in poor condition where those no one came back to claim, a sign that the whole family had been wiped out. How sad for those who survived to be reminded every day of what became of their neighbours. He stated that the government allow ten yrs to lapse then they claim the properties and very soon they would be demolished.

A memorial to those who died and suffered
It was just beyond these house that a train track and train were uprooted and deposited quite a bit away killing 1500people

On the road in Sri Lanka

Although the roads weren’t as bad as they were in India we were so thankful for our driver. His driving was exceptional through the busy chaotic villages and towns, swerving around animals and driving on surfaces that looked nothing like roads.

These tree houses were where the locals stayed overnight to protect their crops. They scared off elephants with fire crackers if necessary. However in a lot of areas the locals have claimed the land which was the animals habitat so in a lot of cases they had no right.

The government also need some advice on finances. In this area near Gall an airport and international conference centre was built 5 yrs ago and never used. They were indebted to Ch8na who now have a 99 yr lease so this countryside will likely be ruined shortly.

Indian ocean

Local fishermen

The stilt fishermen work early so the ones we saw are merely there to get money from tourists

The dangers of the jungle

A little reminder that beauty doesn’t mean safety. I had a good torch so didn’t feel fearful despite the risks around. Julie and I decid3d on the optiknal tour 8n the afternoon at Bundala where the focus was on birds but it was even more e cit8ng than the morning especially the last 5minutes

There were birds and ducks and the odd lurking crocodile m8 dang its own business. Indian pod herons everywhere and they looked so grumpy

Land monitors and beautiful star tortoises.

The roads weren’t always roads and you could see where the dirt was falling into the ward were they were producing salt. It didn’t seem to bad TIL you realised crocodiles were in the water and occasionally came up on the path

Trees full of pelicans. Beautiful Indian Ocean, I didn’t rush to paddle as crocodiles fresh in my mind

Meeting. Family of elephants two adults and three calves was the highlight. The adults got separated but two were very protective of the young, trumping at us and stamping their feet. We were so close I could almost reach out and touch them but they were definitely say8ng stay out of my way

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Living in the middle of the Sri Lankan jungle

Staying in the middle of the jungle was quite an experience especially knowing that there were pythons, wild boer and elephants in my garden and I had to be escorted to the restaurant or reception during the hours of darkness. The monkeys were rather cheeky but moved out of your way easily enough.

Our little chalet in Cinnamon Wild Yala was lovely and once you were barred in we felt safe despite the wildlife outside

It was an early rise for the safari where we saw many animals such as birds, tortoise 
, water buffalo and land monitors as well as crocodiles. There was a skirmish at the beginning with two leopards but too many jeeps in front of us to see them

Bee eaters 
Painted stork below

It was sad to hear that during the tsunami many were killed during the same safari we took.