Thursday, 25 January 2018

Living in the middle of the Sri Lankan jungle

Staying in the middle of the jungle was quite an experience especially knowing that there were pythons, wild boer and elephants in my garden and I had to be escorted to the restaurant or reception during the hours of darkness. The monkeys were rather cheeky but moved out of your way easily enough.

Our little chalet in Cinnamon Wild Yala was lovely and once you were barred in we felt safe despite the wildlife outside

It was an early rise for the safari where we saw many animals such as birds, tortoise 
, water buffalo and land monitors as well as crocodiles. There was a skirmish at the beginning with two leopards but too many jeeps in front of us to see them

Bee eaters 
Painted stork below

It was sad to hear that during the tsunami many were killed during the same safari we took.

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