Friday, 26 January 2018

On the road in Sri Lanka

Although the roads weren’t as bad as they were in India we were so thankful for our driver. His driving was exceptional through the busy chaotic villages and towns, swerving around animals and driving on surfaces that looked nothing like roads.

These tree houses were where the locals stayed overnight to protect their crops. They scared off elephants with fire crackers if necessary. However in a lot of areas the locals have claimed the land which was the animals habitat so in a lot of cases they had no right.

The government also need some advice on finances. In this area near Gall an airport and international conference centre was built 5 yrs ago and never used. They were indebted to Ch8na who now have a 99 yr lease so this countryside will likely be ruined shortly.

Indian ocean

Local fishermen

The stilt fishermen work early so the ones we saw are merely there to get money from tourists

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