Friday, 26 January 2018

The dangers of the jungle

A little reminder that beauty doesn’t mean safety. I had a good torch so didn’t feel fearful despite the risks around. Julie and I decid3d on the optiknal tour 8n the afternoon at Bundala where the focus was on birds but it was even more e cit8ng than the morning especially the last 5minutes

There were birds and ducks and the odd lurking crocodile m8 dang its own business. Indian pod herons everywhere and they looked so grumpy

Land monitors and beautiful star tortoises.

The roads weren’t always roads and you could see where the dirt was falling into the ward were they were producing salt. It didn’t seem to bad TIL you realised crocodiles were in the water and occasionally came up on the path

Trees full of pelicans. Beautiful Indian Ocean, I didn’t rush to paddle as crocodiles fresh in my mind

Meeting. Family of elephants two adults and three calves was the highlight. The adults got separated but two were very protective of the young, trumping at us and stamping their feet. We were so close I could almost reach out and touch them but they were definitely say8ng stay out of my way

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