Sunday, 25 February 2018

Mountstewart Volunteers on tour

With a HUGE Thankyou to Diana and Amanda for making this possible. We are off from a very early start with a group mixed with early birds and night owls so should be fun. Watch this space for our antics....well at least those suitable for a blog.

Our wonderful leaders full of smiles at this early hour. Gatwick express and at this point we have only lost one.

After this it was like planes trains and automobiles. Those who decided to walk to the hotel were a little later but had the bonus of our rooms being ready and the little flurry of snow was beautiful to walk in
Due to traffic diversions we ended up passing our hotel after going round the block. The meter had hit £10 and we hadn’t got anywhere but it’s London and he was so apologetic.


The highlight of the day was our meet up with Richard one of the curators at the V&A. The run down and viewing of the Londonderry jewels and posing with Frances Ann.
Just look at those jewels on the painting which look so real.

Some evening entertainment just in case we were still feeling awake. Wouldn’t rate highly in my list of musicals but loved the costumes and singing. Story and choreography just ok.

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