Friday, 8 June 2018

Inspired by Gaudí in Barcelona

The photographs speak for themselves. This was such an inspirational trip although not sure my husband was so enthralled. I really have to go back as so much more I must see and maybe with my friend Julie who would appreciate Gaudí much more than Jonathan.

It was around 22-24degrees but with the breeze I still needed my cardigan. Then again I doubt I would go anywhere without one even managed to wear one in Sri Lanka in January. It wasn’t just Gaudí work here that was amazing but he certainly came top for me. I grew up with Dr Seuss cat in the hat and was constantly reminded of it when I checked out Gaudí architecture. It was way out but at the same time the attention to detail was incredible from the shape to the colour and how it would look best depending on its exposure to daylight.

Gaudí was definitely a man I should have met, yet again I feel I was born to late as the 20’s was my era.

Modern sculpture using the old railway in the industrial area that was revamped for the Olympic Games 

We took the open top bus for two days and there really isn’t a better way to travel in Barcelona.

I loved  the old iron work everywhere. Gaudí did amazing work not just in architecture but in many areas of design such as wood iron and glass. His family were coppersmiths so he was brought up with this in his blood.

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