Friday, 8 June 2018

It’s been a while and so much happening

Hi folks I barely know where to start. First of all yes I have been on holiday again but classes have taken off again specifically embroidery with some fantastic results from the ladies as well as some machine sewing so will start. With a gallery of work produced at IrishMinidoe by my wonderful ladies
Some interlocking crochet by Hilary but her Lacey crochet is out of this world

I am so delighted to see so much talent in my doorstep
Since Linda completed my lollipop Posie kit in February I have sold a few more of these and specifically silk. A big thanks to the silk mill. I love the many colour shades they have and how easy the thread is to work with.

It’s not all indoor work though as plenty going on at Mount Stewart with  the volunteers. Have you seen the Norman motte? If not you need to get out on those trails. I recommend the blue route to the folly then on round to the right to the motte.

Mount Stewart

'Back indoors for the next few as we celebrate women in power. Have a look in the entrance to some of Lady Ediths costumes

Some apes rafting as we journal holiday snaps for future reminiscence

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